The Amsterdam IBC Social Impact 2022 award winner Ethekwini Filmmakers Association (EFA)
presents the 10th African Emerging Filmmakers Awards on the 16th of December 2022. EFA is
a pioneer for economic development and growth of filmmakers from Durban and surrounding
areas since 2011. These awards started in 2012, they are awards for filmmakers by filmmakers.
We receive submissions from countries like Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, etc which we believe
that in time it would lead to inter-trade between our filmmakers and help us establish
relationships that would assist in making our films travel beyond the South African borders.
The aim of these awards is to create a platform for filmmakers in the African continent to
network, collaborate, inter-trade, exchange cultures and talent, share resources and
infrastructure. Over the years we have managed to cultivate a seed bed for a successful future,
empowering industry participants create opportunities for themselves. The awards have been
growing with the filmmakers, there is growth in numbers of producers, arts entrepreneurs who
focus on the business of film with an understanding of how creative business can self-sustain.
This year our theme is Cultural Extraordinaire, an opportunity for African filmmakers to go all
out in their individual expression of this theme. We are a colourful, vibrant Nguni kingdom. The
Nominees from the eighteen award categories will be announced in our social media platforms
https://www.facebook.com/efa031 and https://www.facebook.com/AEFAwards at 18h00 pm
tonight the 13th of December 2022.
Some films from current submissions will be showcased to the youth residing in the following
hostels: Thokoza, Wema and Clairwood Transit Camp in the upcoming Mzansi Reel Film
Festival. An audio described screening for the blind will be hosted as a means of reaching out
to communities that live with physical impairments.
Watch the IBC presentation here: https://youtu.be/7hF6MTBtWiY
Ethekwini Filmmakers Association highly appreciate the support from our partners KZN
EDTEA, KZN Film Commission, Durban Film Office without which none of the impactful work
would have been possible.
Kind regards
Andile Buwa
EThekwini Filmmakers Association [EFA] Chairperson

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