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Johannesburg, South Africa – 30 November 2022 –

FIGJAM ENTERTAINMENT announces the release date of their highly anticipated chick flick comedy The Honeymoon with its Official Poster. This big breath of fresh air is sending major bestie-holiday vibes. 31st March 2023 is the date to highlight in red, because you don’t want to miss their African Cinema Release.

Written and directed by Bianca Isaac, the film boasts a massively talented cast starring Kajal Bagwandeen (3 Days to Go, The Indian Detective); Tumi Morake (Seriously Single, 3 Days to Go, Mr Bones 3, Comedians of the World); and Minnie Dlamini (The Wild) joins this fabulous ensemble making her feature film debut. The trio are supported by Naymaps, Tasveer Singh, Prev Reddy, Stevel Marc, Nina Hastie, Robbie Collins, JJ Mathura and Chris Jaftha.

The Honeymoon unpacks the story of FRIENDSHIP. Kat (Kajal Bagwandeen), a talented fashion designer at her fiancé’s fashion house. Too scared to step into her own and claim her power, she remains in his shadow. Noks (Tumi Morake), former soap star turned unbearable diva, can no longer bag any acting roles, she starts searching for fame at any cost; while Lu (Minnie Dlamini) married the love of her life, started a family and now her husband’s overly cautious ways are beginning to suffocate her adventurous spirit.

When Kat’s fiancé calls off their wedding the night before; Noks and Lu persuade a devasted Kat to turn her Honeymoon in Zanzibar, into a girlfriend’s getaway. What was meant to be a holiday away from their problems, soon turns to a holiday into their problems.

Writer / Director Bianca Isaac: “The film is about FRIENDSHIP – we all need those friends who love us unconditionally and keep us in check; and it’s about SELF DISCOVERY – a journey that constantly evolves, asking us to constantly adapt. The characters are not bound by stereotypes and negativity placed on women of colour; these women own every aspect of being themselves. Thankfully we managed to harness this with many laughs and heart-warming tears – our audiences are in for an adventure.

Producer Gregory Mthanji said; You have to watch this film on the big screen. The world we created starts in breath-taking Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa embracing African and Indian cultures. Then moves to East Africa, Zanzibar; elevating the entire visual experience. The performances are honest and real, and as the story and adventure intensify… friendships are tested. I’m really excited for everyone to watch this one.

The Honeymoon is distributed through Filmfinity and produced by Figjam Entertainment in collaboration with Worthy Films, Kwa-Zulu Natal Film Commission, National Film and Video Foundations and The Department of Trade and Industry.

Catch The Honeymoon movie in Cinemas countrywide on 31st March 2023

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