The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission (KZNFC) is an entity established in terms of the KwaZulu-Natal Film

Commission Act, 2010. The Commission has been set up with its main vision being to position KwaZulu-
Natal as a globally competitive, diverse and sustainable industry and choice film destination.

The Drone Technology programme embraces best practices of qualification called remote pilot licence,
which is issued by South African Civil Aviation Authority-SACAA. Our aim is to equip aspiring film makers
with tools that will allow them to shape their own talent, originality, and creativity. The Programme
runs over 4 weeks and is both face to face and virtual. The sessions are compulsory for all qualifying
participants. The fees for the supplier development programme is at no cost to the selected
• Applicants must be residents of the KwaZulu-Natal province and must be available to
transport themselves to and from Durban, where the training will be held.
• Applicants must have a matric certificate or related Qualification in Film and TV Production
• Applicants must have worked in the camera department for 2 years or more.

• Applicants must commit to passing the written exams that allow them entry into the hands-
on training

Please submit:
1. A motivation (maximum 2 pages) as to why you should be considered for the programme.
2. Your CV, detailed profile of work experience.
3. A certified copy of all your qualifications.
4. Certified copy of your ID.
5. A Valid B-BBEE Certificate or a Sworn Affidavit. A Sworn affidavit template is available at
Failure to provide all of the above will result in your application not being accepted.
Please note that the successful participant would need to sign a Supplier Development Agreement
including a sworn affidavit for their registered company and must first pass a written exam before
being allowed to go on to physical drone training. A Thank You letter must be submitted by
participants after completion of the programme. Participants need to be registered suppliers to
qualify for the programme, database forms can be obtained from
The programme will officially start in October 2022, in Durban eThekwini
For technical queries please email
Applications should be also be emailed to
Closing date for applications: 26 August 2022

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