The KwaZulu Natal Film Industry commemorates Youth Day in style

The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission, the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA) and the Luthuli Museum will on Saturday the 18th of June commemorate the Youth Month at the Luthuli Museum in KwaDukuza. Themed Resilience of a young KZN person in the film and television industry, the event aims to bring hope and take opportunities offered in the film and television industries to the youth.

Aspiring filmmakers and learners from various schools have been invited to attend this special day which will focus mainly on the youth. “The KwaZulu Natal Film Commission’s mandate is to uplift the youth of KZN, introduce them to film, encourage them to take film as a career and create a spirit of entrepreneurship. It is therefore imperative that we engage them at a young age when they are still planning their careers, with the vision of witnessing them contributing to the economy in the future”, says Mr. Victor Senna KZN Film Commission’s Acting Chief Executive Officer.

“The faces of young people are the faces of our past, our present and our future. No segment in the society can match with the power, idealism, enthusiasm and courage of the young people. Young aspiring creatives are encouraged to keep going and never stop because they hold the key to our future and are our future leaders. As the EDTEA Youth Economic Empowerment Directorate ours is to support, encourage and provide opportunities to the young creative minds so that they can make a meaningful and fruitful impact on the KZN Economy”. – EDTEA Youth Economic Empowerment.

“A partnership such as the one between the Luthuli Museum and the KZN Film Commission provides creative opportunities for young people within Groutville and the iLembe District. Through these platforms, young people are provided with opportunities to not only tell authentic stories through poetry and musically but also through the arts of film and television. Through this partnership, just over 20 young people in 2021 from in and around iLembe were trained at the Luthuli Museum and provided skills through the NQF Level 4 training for film and television,” says Mr Brian Xaba- Director: Luthuli Museum

The partners have planned an inspiring and entertaining line up for the day; which will commence with entertainment by a group of young dancers. This will be followed by information sharing session, an engagement which will in addition offer the youth an opportunity to ask questions on how to go about their careers. “The film and television industries offer a myriad of careers which the youth can pursue. Some of these are; production, directing, screen writing, acting, business, sound mixing, make up, set decorator, marketing, lighting director, publicist, programmer, the list goes on. We would like to encourage our youth to research and learn more about the various careers in the industry,” added Mr. Senna.

As the day unfolds, guests will have an opportunity to engage with various representatives from EDTEA, KZN Film and Luthuli Museum. There will be a key note speaker to motivate the youth and create awareness of how to incorporate and pay attention to the audiences that fall under the disabled group. To end the day, the partners will screen KwaZulu Natal produced films as an encouragement for the youth to tell their own stories.

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About the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission

The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission is a provincial state entity, under the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA), in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa established in terms of the KwaZulu-Natal Commission Act, 2010 (Act No 3 of 2010). Its mandate is to facilitate support throughout the value chain to the local and international film industry through creating opportunities and also growing the KwaZulu-Natal film industry.

About Luthuli Museum

The Luthuli Museum is a site of international historical significance. It celebrates the life and legacy of a Chief Albert John Mvumbi Luthuli, a human rights champion, an exemplary African leader and the first African to be awarded the 1960 Nobel Peace Prize. The Luthuli Museum was officially opened on 21 August; 2004 by President Thabo Mbeki. It includes the original 1927 home of Chief Albert Luthuli that is situated on 3233 Nokukhanya Luthuli Street, Groutville, KwaDukuza, KwaZulu Natal Province.

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