KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission appoints a NEW Acting Chief Executive Officer (ACEO)

The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission started the new financial year in a high note with the appointment of Mr Victor Senna as Acting Chief Executive Officer. Mr Victor Senna was appointed by the board with effect from the 01 April 2022 and has been tasked with driving the implementation of the following key priorities:

  1. Ramping up and strengthening KZNFC’s Information Technology (IT) systems to ensure that there is a strong interaction with our stakeholders through different platforms
  2. Strengthening KZNFC ’s strategic partnerships with Industry- leading institution which will give emerging filmmakers with platform to showcase their products
  3. Increasing KZNFC footprint to as many peri-urban and rural areas as possible through partnerships with Municipalities, Film associations and other relevant stakeholders
  4. Position KZNFC as a catalyst in transforming the local film sector through among others
    1. Continued implementation of training programmes focusing on scarce skills such as drone technology, animation, and training on how to participate and create businesses through streaming platforms;
    2. entering into partnerships with accredited institutions to develop programmes that will enhance the competitiveness of the KZN film sector;
    3. continue to prioritise emerging filmmakers from rural areas through KZNFC’s film fund and other related programme
  5. Prioritising Projects that promotes KZN local heritage and isiZulu Content

The Chairperson of the Board, Ms Nise Malange wished the new Acting CEO well on his appointment, “We wish Mr Senna every success and professional fulfilment in his new role, and we trust that our stakeholders will continue to extend their support to him and the entire organisation in order to achieve our strategic goals.”

Mr Senna is a seasoned professional with over 20 years combined experience in Public Sector Leadership focusing on business performance improvement, project management, supply chain management, financial management and risk management.

Mr Senna has been occupying the role of CFO within KZNFC and was part of the Executive management.  Some of his responsibilities since joining KZNFC included:-

  • Member of the Film Fund Committee which is responsible for approval of production, development and  audience development projects
  • Oversee the work of Finance, Supply Chain Management, Information Technology , Internal Audit and Records Management;
  • Participate in structures overseeing the merger process between KZNFC and Tourism KZN;
  • Participating in Strategy development and Review, Policy development, Risk Management and Monitoring and Evaluation

Ms Carol Coetzee resigned from the KwaZulu Natal Film Commission as she takes up a Head of Department at KZN Treasury.

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