Call for Panel of Evaluators


The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission (KZNFC) launched its Film Fund in July 2014. The Fund is for the production and development of television, feature film, animation and documentary content.  The Film Fund also caters for Marketing and Distribution, and Markets and Festivals.  A Panel of Evaluators advises the Film Fund Approval Committee on suitable projects to be considered for funding by the KZNFC. The term for the current Panel of Evaluators is coming to an end. The Commission is therefore seeking suitable practitioners that can be called on to assist with the evaluation of funding applications. Please note that this is not an advertisement for permanent employment.  Members of the Evaluation Panel will be called upon as and when the need arises to assist with evaluation of specific projects.


The KwaZulu Natal Film Commission (KZNFC) is calling for seasoned TV / Film professionals who are able or experienced in evaluating applications for Development and Production funding. The panel shall consist of persons who have achieved distinction or have special knowledge or experience in Film / TV. A member of the panel shall hold office for a period not exceeding three years.


  • Film/TV  graduate  with  at  least  5  years  of  experience in producing  ground breaking stories. If not a graduate, the professional must have at least 10 years of production experience in documentaries, feature films, or TV series in a leadership role, or
  • In-depth and diverse understanding of the requirements for developing or producing feature films, TV series, animation and or documentaries, or
  • Extensive experience in dealing with the requirements of a Film Fund and or broadcast work, or
  • Extensive experience in the running of a production workflow with emphasis on project development and production.

The individual should be easily accessible to the KZNFC, through electronic means. A Panel Member will be matched with a project to be evaluated based on expertise, availability, and interest in the category of funding. The KZNFC reserves the right to decide on a suitable match for a project.

Please submit:

  1. A motivation (maximum 2 pages) as to why you should be considered to the Panel of Evaluators.
  2. Your CV, detailed profile, and or filmography with contactable references.
  3. Please indicate your area of expertise in the following categories of the Film Fund: Development, Production.

Your documents must be accompanied by the Supplier Database Registration Form downloadable from under FORMS.

 You may email your documents to on or before 25 May 2022 at 23:59.

For any enquiries, please contact the Film Fund Administration team on Only emailed queries shall be entertained. General information of the Film Fund can be found on the website under ‘Funding’.

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