The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission (KZNFC) is inviting individuals who meet the requirements stated below to apply for a Proposal Writing and Pitching Masterclass.

The masterclass’ aim is to address the challenges around proposal writing rejections; the workshops will provide participants with an understanding of what the KZNFC expects from a written proposal and provide producers and writers with a skill of how to articulate their ideas in a proposal form and pitch it to prospective funders.

The workshops combine a unique and carefully designed mix of information, knowledge, skills and attitude to enable new writers and producers to move ahead in this confusing new media landscape. It puts emphasis on guidance, facilitation and experience, rather than on teaching. The in-person workshop attendance will best benefit entry-level and emergent filmmakers. The content from the workshops will later be packaged for online distribution where experienced creatives can consume it at their own time and pace.

A total of 4 master classes over two days will be conducted with attendees in a quiet place where they can learn, engage and focus. Candidates will be guided through the content, case studies, video showings by a facilitator; engage in discussions and ask questions.


Please submit:

  1. A motivation (maximum 2 pages) as to why you should be considered for the programme.
  2. Your CV, detailed profile of work experience.
  3. A 2-page sample of a Proposal submitted to KZNFC
  4. A copy of your Matric certificates and all qualifications post matric and a
  5. Certified copy of your ID.

Applications should be also be emailed to

Extended Closing date for applications: 08 April 2022

Correspondence will be limited to successful candidates.

For more information, visit our website on or call our offices on (031) 003 9000.

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