The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission is calling for applications from local (KwaZulu-Natal) film producers and/or Directors to apply for the Marketing and Distribution funding. The fund supports the distribution and exhibition of local film content through the provision of film marketing funding which is severely under-resourced in the country.

The fund assists in making provision for a marketing campaign to be implemented in support of the film as it goes to market. Ordinarily, South African films do not perform well at the box office, partly because there are not enough resources put in place to promote them on different platforms. The marketing and distribution fund goes some way in ensuring the success of KZN productions in the market and that they attain the expected economic benefits for the beneficiaries.

Opening date for submissions: 08 December 2021

Closing date for submissions: 07 January 2022

Applications must include the following:

  • A fully completed KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission marketing and Distribution application form
  • A one page letter of motivation
  • A copy of the project’s synopsis, not exceeding 15 lines
  • A link or copy of the complete project with credits
  • A detailed marketing strategy with sales projections, an analysis of the project’s potential for success in the South African theatrical and secondary markets
  • A marketing budget and financing structure
  • Proof of complete and clear chain of title
  • A signed distribution agreement and any amendments to it
  • A letter from a theatrical exhibitor confirming the projected initial release date
  • A list of booked or anticipated cities, screens and dates
  • Company profile
  • Certified copies of identity documents of applicants if more than one
  • Detailed profile of applicant.
  • Proof of residence not older than 3 months

Submit your applications to


Applications which do not meet compliance will be disqualified.

Please note that no late applications will be accepted.

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