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The KZN Film Commission’s vision is to be a catalyst for transformation, job creation and sustainability through funding, industry development initiatives and the promotion of KwaZulu-Natal.

One of the major drives by the KZN Film Commission is  Socio-Economic Development programmes that aim to have a positive, sustainable and measurable impact in the communities which have been historically disadvantaged. The KZN film’s mandate is based on investing and improving the quality of life of individuals based in disadvantaged communities. Developing and empowering communities in the social, economic and environment spheres for the sustainability and long-term growth of the province. It is with this in mind that the iLungelo Labadala Garden Project, based at the heart of Inanda District in semi-informal settlement called Amaoti and Gets Inspired projects were selected from the many applications for funding. After  the official SED Funding call was sent out through standard public channels, these organisations were selected as the initiatives to be funded by the KZN Film Commission’s Socio-Economic Development initiative for the 2020 year in terms of the criteria provided. The Iungelo labadala was funded with the sum of R141 000.00 specifically for material costs. This amount was to be used for the building of the Garden shed, fencing and for the irrigation system. Get inspired was  funded with the sum of R59 000.00 for the material cost of the products. The total budget for 2020/21 for SED project was R200 000.00.

iLungelo Labadala Garden Project was developed in 2003 as a non-profit TAFTA affiliation organisation, based in Inanda District in a smaller semi informal settlement area of Amaoti. The organisation’s key focus is on organic farming, produce from the organic farm is sold to the iLungelo Labadala Multipurpose centre and the communities. Proceeds made from there, are used as stipends for the garden staff in the village in order to provide employment and contribute towards the sustainability of the community through alleviating poverty.

The objectives of the project are aligned with the objectives of the KZN Film Commission which is:

  • Community Development in the District of Inanda
  • Promoting Healthy habits and healthy living through the products produced from the garden
  • Poverty Alleviation, the crops that will grow from the garden will help towards feeding the community at large, especially for child headed households where the produce is much needed for survival

“Get inspired” was founded by Grant Oosthuizen in September, 2019. Get Inspired travels throughout Durban to promote the well-being of the disabled in our community by providing skills development programs and workshops. Arts and crafts, woodwork and painting are undertaken at the Get Inspired workshop in Ashley Pinetown.

Get Inspired is very passionate about the disabled community as many of them are vulnerable and are unable to do able-bodied work. The programs instil a sense of pride and dignity in the lives of the disabled and it teaches them general skills as well as entrepreneurial abilities that may help them in the future to earn a small income.

The products manufactured through the skills development programs are sold at local markets. Half of the profit made is given to the maker of the product while the other half is used to buy more materials for the programs.

Speaking with regards to the KZN Film Commission’s Socio-economic Development programme, Carol Coetzee, Chief Executive Officer; KZN Film Commission, had this to say “ Socio-Economic Develop is an essential part of our business, it falls in line with our core value system which is creating opportunities for people especially from disadvantaged backgrounds, organisations such as ILungelo Labadala Garden Project and Get inspired is giving back to the community, eradicating poverty while also promoting healthy lifestyles and giving dignity back to people. The projects promote sustainability in our communities and create job opportunities”.

The garden project will be officially launched on:

Date                            : Wednesday, 31 March 2021
Time                            : 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Venue                         : 70 Lulu Dube Street, Inanda KwaZulu-Natal

About the KZN Film Commission

The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission is a provincial state entity, under the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA), in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa established in terms of the KwaZulu-Natal Commission Act, 2010 (Act No 3 of 2010). Its mandate is to facilitate support throughout the value chain to the local and international film industry through creating opportunities and also growing the KwaZulu-Natal film industry.

For additional information on , how to apply for funding through the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission’s Socio-Economic Development project :

All funding request applications must be in writing and should be within the open window of applications as advertised on the KZNFC website and social media platforms. An evaluation, as part of KZNFC due diligence process, for selection of projects to be funded will be conducted and the outcome will be communicated in to successful applicants.


For Media enquiries contact

PR & Events Specialist, KZN Film Commission
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