To streamline our funding application process and to assist filmmakers with the fund application process, filmmakers are requested to take note of the following important information with regards to the KZNFC Film Fund:

  • There will be only one point of contact for all funding applications and or queries. All enquiries are to be sent the email address
  • Prior to the closing date of the film fund applicants can make an appointment requested through the email to discuss their applications.
  • Any enquiry sent to any other email address at the KZNFC will not be responded to. Only enquires sent to the email address, will be responded to.
  • No correspondence will be entered into with any funding applicant once they have submitted their application for funding.
  • Applications must be submitted in full and in one installment, no additional documents are to be sent separately. Any documents sent separately will not be considered in the evaluation of the project.
  • No additional information shall be accepted after the closing date of the film fund.
  • Correspondence will only be entered into with the funding applicant, no other representative will be responded to.
  • Instructions on what is required for each form of funding is to be found on the funding application form on the KZNFC website on
  • Any funding application that is submitted to the KZNFC through any other channel than what is prescribed in the funding application form or guidelines will be considered invalid.
  • All funding applicants are requested to use the most recent funding application form found on the KZNFC website on the day of application as the funding forms change from time to time.

Any enquires on this communication are to be sent to



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